Annual Poem 2016


Dear family and friends,

With a rhyming dictionary and a steady flow of caffeine,
It is time to review and say goodbye to 2016!

In January, amid loved ones, and with zero aplomb,
We celebrated the life and passing of my bonus mom.

After looking for months for a dog—we’re quite picky, you see—
In Wisconsin we adopted a pugalier named Lucy.

For Spring Break we went to Florida, just the kids, me, and Dan,
To celebrate my Oma’s 90th with the Walker clan.

As politics ruled the year, I too took a political journey.
I was named a county and state delegate for my man, Bernie.

In May, after two years of waiting for the most amazing specs,
We finally picked up our all-electric Tesla Model X!

I can’t say enough, how it can (self-) drive or maneuver,
So as a side job, I became a driver for Uber.

As soon as school let out for the kids, the road trips began,
We racked up more roadtrip miles than most do in a lifespan!

The car loaded with chargers and the kids’ tablet companions,
We drove to see the North Rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

We saw Albuquerque too; hiked Bryce and Zion in Utah.
And thanks to free Superchargers, never paid for gas. Hurrah!

After camping and using the cold, hard ground as a bed,
It was clear we I needed a basic pop-up camper instead.

We found a great used one on Craigslist, not a total eyesore,
And remade it entirely, from the curtains to the floor.

In June, we included my dad in the fun of roaming,
With a trip to see family near Yellowstone, Wyoming.

In July, reno’d pop-up in tow, off on our next ride,
To the south and eastern American countryside.

The trip was filled with humidity, detours, breaks, and highways,
But also camping, parks, museums, pools, beaches and beignets.

After visiting with as many as we could—with no leeway,
We had to get back for the kids’school: second grade and pre-K.

A very first post-kids trip for me and Dan via plane
For a Boston wedding, with a quick lobster breakfast in Maine.

As for MY amazing Tesla, Dan got really jealous.
I can’t blame him, I suppose. About it, we are both zealous.

In September—without asking me to say yes,
Dan jumped to get his own discounted Model S.

Fall Break is always a great chance to do something grand:
Balloon Fiesta, Vegas, SeaWorld, the Zoo, and LEGO Land!

Upon our return, I turned to our classic October focus:
Halloween costumes, this year filled with true hocus pocus!

Our costume included nine from the Harry Potter catalog:
Gryffindors, professors, a Slytherin, and a three-headed dog!

As an added bonus, Dan, having made a bet fit for bumpkins,
Agreed to dress up as SNL’s great David S. Pumpkins.

In November, for us things calmed considerably down.
Granted, after 30 states, we should spend time in our own town.

In December we were given the opportunity to host
A high school student named Ingrid from Norway’s southern coast.

She’s been fun to have, the kids’ big sister, not just a housemate.
Wish she’d stay forever, but No says the Department of State.

So that’s the gist of our year, with all the highlights included.
Since you don’t want to read forever, some things were excluded.

’16 has been really something (good or bad) for most households.
I’m eager to see how 2017 finally unfolds.

I hope everything is going well for you and your kindred.
Much love,
Kamala, Dan, Brinton, Garrett, Lucy and Ingrid



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