Annual Poem 2009

Dear friends and family,

I know I’m extra late this year, the time has been difficult to surmount.
We went out of town for the holidays, so these past two weeks don’t count.

Once again with our poem, for the year’s events, I’ll start at the top:
Being pregnant and sleepy, I was barely awake to see the ball drop.

Dan started working for a new company. The job makes him content,
I don’t know much of what he does, but he built software for the President.

Six months pregnant and living in a one-bedroom place,
We moved to a three-bedroom apartment with loads of space.

Settled into our new home and ready to leave pregnancy behind,
March and April brought lots of showers—not rain, but the baby kind.

On April twentieth our lives totally changed, never mind the details.
Ready or not, we had to be ready for all that parenthood entails.

Brinton was born on a Monday, she was our perfect little miss.
On Friday she went back to the hospital with a case of jaundice.

Two days later we finally went home, but this time to stay.
Jaundice is pretty common in newborns…easy for them to say.

Special thanks to Courtney and Sherry for your help those first weeks.
Helping with laundry, cooking, and teaching us baby techniques.

For my first official Mothers Day, I’m afraid things went amiss.
Trying to nurse her, Brinton instead gave me a case of mastitis.

Medicine didn’t work; I was unable to heal from within.
Finally I had to seek treatment from a qualified surgeon.

We bought a new camera—the baby stages don’t last,
Looking back on the pictures, wow, that girl grows fast!

2009 felt like the year everyone had daughters and sons,
Which is great news for our family: more playmates for Brinton.

Moving to a nearby house is how early July was spent.
But that’s what happens when the apartment tries to jack up our rent.

Moving all our stuff again (so soon!) with a baby was hard.
But at least now we have a home in a neighborhood with a yard.

Dan’s niece Ashley lived with us, helped with Brinton and shared her baby knowledge.
At the end of the summer we were sad to see her go back to college.

We hired Amanda to be Brinton’s full-time nanny.
We love her, and want to adopt her into our family.

More friend and family weddings this year, all were loads of fun.
We celebrated in Maryland, Jacksonville Beach, and Boston.

In the fall, Amanda, Dan and I learned trapeze, and flew through the air.
It was loads of fun, and addicting. Sign up for a class if you dare.

By now you should know that home-made costumes are our routine.
We were Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell for Halloween.

To Dan’s North Carolina family for Thanksgiving we went.
Who knew there’s so much essential crap to pack when bringing an infant.

We had taken Brinton to four states by the end of November.
The traveling didn’t stop there: we did even more in December.

In (cold) Florida, Brinton experienced the beach for the first time,
Walt Disney World, kiddie rides, and fireworks—which she didn’t mind.

A blizzard in DC delayed our big trip to the Rocky Mountain states.
Four cancelled flights threatened to create holiday dire straits.

We finally met up with Dan (who left early) in Colorado Springs.
Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods were some of our favorite things.

We stopped in Spokane to bid family and friends a quick hello.
Then for Christmas we drove to Dan’s grandparents’ house in Idaho.

Finally, we flew to Wyoming to visit my family in Cody.
A relaxed time, we even went to Montana so I could ski.

As we rang in the new year on a cold winter night,
Reflecting on 2009, the year was a delight.

So let me wrap up this card without further delay.
I should send this out before Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

We hope your holidays were merry and you enjoy 2010.
I hope it won’t be too long till we see each other again.

Love to all, and we hope life doesn’t get too insane,
Kamala, Daniel, and of course Brinton Jane.

P.S. Now that the card is done, I think we all can agree:
It’s time we took down our Christmas decorations and tree.

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