Annual Poem 2011

Dear friends and family,

2011 went by too fast. Apologies for being  so late.
We hope your year and holidays were similarly great.

Unlike in the past, I’ll try to keep this year’s poem short.
Aside from our big move, there isn’t a whole lot to report.

Our year began in Virginia, similar to years prior,
Celebrating the coming year and all that might transpire.

Ashley moved out to take a nannying job of her dreams.
As she learned, even perfect jobs aren’t always what they seem.

In northern Virginia, the waiting lists are too long for childcare.
Getting a good caregiver, as some know, can be a nightmare.

Lucky for us and Brinton, good help was easy to find.
Dan’s mom, AKA Memaw, helped us out of our childcare bind.

Ashley came back, and got back into her Brinton-nanny groove.
Though it was temporary, since it was our turn to move.

With some serious thought, research, and a dash of bravado
We decided to pack up and move to Colorado.

We visited family, friends, and 10 states as we moved west
and set up our lives in our new (bigger) nest.

We’ve been here five months and have convinced five people to date
To join us in moving here to the Centennial State.

Come out to see us, maybe on a layover or vacation.
Or stick around and live here for life’s foreseeable duration.

We really love Colorado, our house, and block
And all the people in our new hometown, Castle Rock.

Our year still afforded time for trips for both myself and Dan
To Florida, St. Louis, Ft. Bragg, Sans Antonio, Jose and Fran.

Lucky Dan, he was back in Virginia for work’s sake
On the ninth floor he got to experience the 5.8 earthquake!

Brinton now goes to preschool and has lots of playmates
At home she’s still learning her countries and American states.

Colorado winters come pretty early (which I didn’t know)
In early October we got the winter season’s first snow!

No big deal, the snow melted in a matter of hours.
Hooray for the high altitude and the sun’s melting powers.

But even when the snow sticks around for a day or two,
It doesn’t stop us, we have two (all wheel drive) Subarus.

Every year Halloween raises my game and makes me think.
This year’s costumes were from one of Brin’s favorites, Monsters Inc.

We flew back to Virginia for the year’s end
To visit with family and good friends.

So that’s how we spent our year, I guess this poem wasn’t so brief.
We had our share of happiness, adventures, growth and grief.

I better send this out before ’12 gets into full swing,
After all, we are already celebrating the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King.

To be honest, there is a good reason for the annual poem’s delay:
We had to wait for a certain deadline to give way.

We wanted to share before saying goodbye
We are expecting again, sometime in July.

Now that the poem is done I can take down the Christmas tree,
Much love to you all, Kamala, Daniel, and Brinton V.

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