Job’s Daughters International of Virginia Website

I designed and maintained the website for Virginia’s Job’s Daughters from 2003 until 2014. Job’s Daughters International is a Masonic youth organization, of which I was a member as a teenager. As a former member, I knew better than any outsider what was important to include on the website.

Second version of

As web technologies have evolved, so has this website. After launching the original site in 2003, I have overhauled the website two additional times to take advantage of current technologies.

The first major renovation in 2005 (left)  incorporated CSS, PHP, and Flash for a rich browsing experience.

Here’s an interactive Flash file I created to help users locate the different chapters across Virginia. Please note: links within the Flash file no longer work.

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The second major renovation in 2011 was even more robust:

  • content management system (WordPress) so that others could contribute on the fly
  • a dynamic Google calendar to view upcoming events by type or region
  • geo-locator tool
  • RSS and social feeds
  • a new branding campaign (of which I also was a key contributor)
  • social media outreach via a Twitter feed (@vajobies) and Facebook page (

As Virginia’s Webmaster (I really despise the term “Webmistress”), I have done the following:

  • wrote or compiled most of the content
  • determined and designed the best layout for the site
  • took photographs of Virginia events and post them in online galleries
  • updated the site regularly, which is accessed an average of 1,000 times per month

To see the complete current website, go to (UPDATE: As of August 2014, I am no longer the webmaster for the site, so I cannot vouch for the look/workings of the live site, should you visit it.)



Here is the wireframe I created when designing the website. Post-it Notes are the best!


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