Colorado Job’s Daughters Yearbook

To continue the new branding campaign of Job’s Daughters International, Colorado’s jurisdiction (or Grand Guardian Council as it’s called) asked me to create a yearbook to commemorate their 2011–2012 term.

They had never done anything like this before, and wanted the yearbook to be a fundraiser for the Council. I determined that a multipronged approach had the potential to generate funds from several demographics: selling ads beforehand, and selling both softcover and hardcover books after. All members received an e-book version of the yearbook for free with the option to purchase a physical copy if they wanted one. The yearbook was a huge success, and is now the Council’s number one fundraiser.

To create the yearbook, I used the following:

  • InDesign (to layout the book and e-book)
  • Photoshop (to edit any photos as needed)
  • Established branding images and colors (to create a consistent theme both throughout the yearbook, as well as across all promotional materials that have the Job’s Daughters International name on them)
  • Microsoft Word and Excel (to create ad forms, keep track of ad purchases, etc.)

To see the final book for purchase (hardcover version), click here, or see below.


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