Annual Poem 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Before we welcome twenty-one-eight,
It’s time for our annual rhyming update.

As 2017 was arriving,
We kicked it off with some indoor skydiving.

Winter is a great time for sightseeing!
We took our guests for some amazing skiing.

Winter is also a great time for a dare:
Brinton (temporarily) dyed purple her hair!

As spring break arrived, it was time for a quest:
We decided to explore our nation’s Northwest.

We stayed with loved ones rather than in resorts,
And finally got to use the kids’ new passports.

Vancouver Island is where we were craving:
Ferries, a Bug Zoo, Tim Hortons, and great caving.

Before we knew it, the school year came to a close:
At Garrett’s graduation picnic, we nearly froze!

More visits from our loved ones, face-to-face,
We love showing off this amazing place!

A prize trip to San Fran for a Tesla tour was ours—
As I referred others from our own Tesla memoirs.

Dan watched the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with its speed and mistakes.
I went to Niagara Falls and New York’s Finger Lakes.

At last, it was time for our summer family roadtrip
Towing the pop-up camper with our Tesla spaceship.

North we went to Montana’s Glacier National Park.
A stunning place, it deserves your bucket list checkmark.

Then much further north into Alberta we drove,
The Canadian Rockies are such a treasure trove.

We spent time in hot springs, gondolas, and a canoe.
The whole place is spectacular. Canada, thank you!

Back over the border in our homeland,
We drove to Yellowstone, to see a certain band.

We spent time with family and enjoyed their music.
For us (and the car), the stop was therapeutic.

Back home, so I could repack—you must think I’m silly—
And hop on another plane to travel to Philly.

As I arrived home—in the Denver airport doorway—
We welcomed our exchange student, Emma from Norway.

She’s a senior in high school, Brinton is in third.
Garrett’s a kindie, learning his numbers and words.

We wasted no time planning even more trips:
We couldn’t miss the Total Solar Eclipse!

With an extra day and enough power,
We went to Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower!

(I promise, we all go to school, activities and work.
But school breaks, no gas, and teleworking have a huge perk.)

I’m sure you think this list of trips is outrageous.
But in October we took a trip to Las Vegas.

We fit in a Britney show, Arches, Zion (lots of pics!),
Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, balloons and Route 66.

Our Halloween costume takes a lot of time to plan.
This year we were the characters from Lego Batman.

In November, a “me” trip—international and grand!
A stopover in China, but two whole weeks in Thailand!

The trip was unforgettable—no need to convince:
Temples, markets, monkeys, boxing, and bathing elephants!

A beautiful country, kind people, incredible trees.
I even managed to find a beach named after me!

While local, my year was filled driving Denver’s streets,
Helping students, and making a thousand movie treats.

Dan played basketball as often as he could.
Now if only his adult-league team were any good.

Brinton still loves creating, focusing on the details.
She also loves Roblox, Minecraft and killer whales.

Garrett’s doing awesome, he’s reading and writing.
His passion for Legos is equally exciting.

I hope you’ve had a good year and next year is serene,
If we don’t meet up, have a great 2018!

May our offer for a visit pose no dilemma.
Kamala, Daniel, Brinton, Garrett, Lucy and Emma

3 Comments on “Annual Poem 2017

  1.  by  Justine Hirsch

    What a year! Incredible trips! Such a special family. I enjoyed the poem and the photos. Love to you all!

  2.  by  Brandi

    Fabulous year and photos to a family that deserves it all!!! Thanks for sharing this K! Love to the family from our clan!!

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