Annual Poem 2018

Dear friends and family,

This poem’s deadline is coming down to the wire,
So much to discuss regarding this year prior.

The year twenty-eighteen kicked off in our hometown.
Dan and Emma left for a trip minutes post-countdown.

Off in a flash to see the Northwest’s top goods:
Seattle, the Oregon Coast and huge redwoods.

Two weeks later they took off on an eastern highway
To deliver Dan’s Slingshot, sold on ebay.

In all, the two knocked out fourteen states in three weeks—
Pretty good, even if the weather was cold and bleak.

The month ended with a quick trip for me to Cancún.
January weather made the timing opportune.

Adventures awaited us in Colorado proper,
Skiing, tubing, and hot cocoa in Loveland and Copper.

It was time to get serious at our local state caucus;
Seeing a need, I decided to run for public office.

Before the campaign took all my time (make no mistake),
We squeezed in one more big trip during the kids’ spring break.

We drove through Dallas, Arkansas, Memphis, and Nashville,
Sites and museums—out of the car, we never sit still!

We visited Mammoth Cave, the largest of its kind,
With Dan’s new promotion, he had to stay behind.

On our way back in our Autopilot transporter
Through the South, we stopped in New Orlean’s French Quarter.

Bummed to leave San Antonio’s Riverwalk behind,
But ’twas time to get back to our school and work daily grind.

Skipping a party, to celebrate Brinton’s ninth year,
We went to Hollywood and the Santa Monica Pier.

As the school year wrapped up, and Emma graduates
During her stay we had taken her to 25 states!

Her visa was ending, Emma couldn’t stay.
Not to worry, we’ll come see you in Norway!

A few days in the mountains became almost dire:
We were evacuated due to a wildfire.

The incident was scary, the kids will attest.
But humanity in a disaster is the best!

Have lived in Colorado for nearly a hundred moons,
We were past due to sled and surf the nation’s Great Sand Dunes.

An awesome place if you’ve got time to spare—
As long as you don’t mind sand EVERYWHERE.

In August we welcomed Franka to our house by the hill.
She’s an exchange student from Norway, and also Brazil.

We love hosting kids and being a US liaison.
Also (briefly) had kids from Germany, Sweden and Taiwan.

I’m so impressed with these parents who relinquish
Their kids to us so they can improve their English.

Franka is doing well as a senior at Thunder Ridge,
We love having her in our home, the opposite of a smidge.

Brinton is in fourth grade, doing great, and to add,
She sure loves her video games, just like her dad.

Garrett’s in first grade, loves to draw for hours—we’re so proud,
He pretends he’s on YouTube, but no cameras allowed.

Another Incredible Halloween matching our offspring,
But starting next year, the kids will do their own costume thing.

For my campaign, it helped being a jack of all trades:
Design, research, meeting people, walking in parades.

In the process I met people from all types of lifestyles,
District 39 is huge—over a thousand square miles!

For all who offered time and support, my sincerest regards.
Donating, canvassing, and 6,000 handwritten postcards!

I gave the people a choice, which had been nonstandard,
In a district known state-wide for being gerrymandered.

Election Day arrived, and the campaign was complete.
Results came in; alas, I didn’t win the House seat.

No regrets; my schedule for eight months had been crazy.
Best of luck to our new Representative, Mark Baisley.

After staying in-state since spring, the campaign conceded.
Seeing loved ones in the Midwest is what we needed.

Thanksgiving provided a road trip with sites to devour:
Mount Rushmore, Mall of America, Cloud Gate, Willis Tower.

December was mellow, spent pretty close to our home,
Thirty-six stanzas in, it’s time to wrap up this tome.

Hope your 2018 was great, our wishes sincere.
But more importantly, Have a Wonderful New Year!

Come for a visit, our home is always here to share.
Fair warning: sitting still around here is fairly rare.

For a great year full of love, we wish to thank ya,
Kamala, Dan, Brin, Garrett, Lucy, and Franka

One Comment on “Annual Poem 2018

  1.  by  Cindy D. Hargest

    I look forward to this every year! The pictures attached are wonderful! Brinton is so beautiful and Garrett so handsome. They grow so fast.. 4th and 1st grades? Jeepers how time goes by. Welcome Franka (she has no idea how lucky she is to have you guys as host family!)! Startled to read about your CA evacuation! How happy are you that I was not there – freaking-out – being evacuated trying to avoid fire and bear!!! (;-0) !! Please remember to write in the 20 and 21 of December, 2019 for a Christmas party in VA. I’ll call you soon so we can chat more. Love and miss you all. Hugs. XO

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