Annual Poem 2019

Dear friends and family,

Apologies for the annual poem being tardy,
I was with the kids at a hotel New Year’s Eve party.

2019 was a year filled with plenty of change.
But not writing a poem about it would feel quite strange.

The year started with our standard family unit:
The four of us, the dog, and Franka, our exchange student.

Spelling in front of the whole school, Brinton remained calm,
She made the Bee’s Top 11—a top speller like her mom!

Winter was filled with trips to L.A., D.C., and Cancun.
We racked up the memories and miles in a single moon.

In February I started a new job that I love,
Though now I had less time for other stuff…sort of.

I took Franka back to L.A. for her ultimate thrill:
A live taping of her favorite show, Dr. Phil!

With new insight, I had a mission—quite practical—
To get a bill sponsored and passed in Colorado’s capitol.

Despite the skeptics, my bill was embraced and won.
What can I say, but “I get shit done.”

For Brin’s 10th birthday, no party—outrageous—
She, Garrett and I went to celebrate in Las Vegas!

It’s their favorite place, the whole Strip is a treat.
Also where Garrett chose to stop eating meat.

Meanwhile, Dan took Franka to see the Northwest,
They saw so many highlights in her multi-state quest.

With school wrapping up, graduation parties to attend,
’Twas time to admit that our marriage had come to an end.

While it was a shock for others, the kids included,
Our 18-year relationship had amicably concluded.

Brin and Garrett have rolled with it, I’m so proud of them.
With Dan and I being adults, there was no mayhem.

The summer was consumed with purging objects,
Searching for a home, and sorting out what’s next.

Ultimately, Dan stayed in our shared home, at least for now,
I love you Rox Park, but I need a place where I mustn’t snowplow.

I only moved ten minutes down the road,
To a new home, but the same schools and zip code.

Sorry, but my fall timeline is all mixed up and swirled.
I brought ten students to DougCo from around the world.

With three students staying with me during these life shifts,
Their unexpected company was truly a gift.

Fall allowed me to get into the costuming spirit,
Overflowing with chances to dress up, you could hear it!

Clueless, Carmen, Mario (to Gare’s Luigi), VSCO girl,
October was a chaotic, happy costuming whirl!

Despite the real world, I jumped at the chance
To join a free trip to visit Paris, France.

It’s been fourteen years since I had been to that town,
Fun to revisit, and enjoy sites and art renowned.

While in Europe, I hopped over the North Sea’s waters
To visit two of my three Norwegian bonus daughters.

Then solo exploring in Iceland, the opposite of low-key:
Glaciers, black sand, Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, impromptu karaoke!

Iceland is made up of some spectacular geographic zones.
You should visit, even if—like me—you didn’t watch Game of Thrones.

Post-trip, I moved to my new home down the road at long last!
Six months, three contracts, I was able to hold this home steadfast.

For those who helped me through changes—good or screwy,
Your love and support truly mean the world to me.

Minou, a senior has been with me for six weeks, she’s Dutch.
She’s heading to a new family, but I’ve enjoyed our time so much!

Brinton is in in 5th grade and addicted to her tiny phone,
Crafting, reading, and her Bluetooth headphones.

Garrett is in 2nd grade and available on Snapchat
His language is great, and interesting at that!

All settled with the boxes unpacked—Come for a visit!
Even if I don’t say so, your offer to stay is implicit.

The holidays wrapped up a year where I had to evolve.
I guess it’s a good thing I’m filled with so much resolve.

And with that, I hope that your year was a smoother one,
And your next year is full of love, laughter, and fun.

Much love from my new place, with a hug and grin,
Kamala, Minou, Lucy, Garrett, and Brin

Trips to LA, Washington DC, and Cancun, Mexico.

Thanks to my sponsors and Gov. Polis, HB19-1298 became law! Some of the Movie Night cupcakes, seeing Dr. Phil, and a visit with Franka’s family.

Our trip to Las Vegas!

The end of the school year was crammed with activities (and a quick visit to Florida).

We keep pretty busy during the summer, even if we don’t go on big trips.

The start of school was filled with activities to introduce the new exchange students to the wonders of Colorado (and I snuck away to Crater Lake for a weekend).

My favorite time of the year: Halloween (and all the other costume parties/opportunities!)

In November I traveled to Paris, Oslo, and Iceland.

The holiday season was so much fun this year, despite all the changes.

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