Annual Poem 2006

Dear family and friends,

As the Christmas lights go up and the holidays draw near,
I struggle to write this card. Can I top the one from last year?

Two-thousand six started out on New Years (like all the rest).
I chaperoned teens in NoVa. Dan celebrated in Key West.

The lack of work at my job was pretty hard to ignore.
No surprise when I had to find a new company to work for.

I was hired at Northrop Grumman as an artist for their Training Team.
Less responsibility and more money. It’s the job of my dreams!

March started with a trip to Boulder, to visit with longtime friends.
It ended with me trading my Nissan in for a convertible Benz.

Spring was pretty uneventful, and then the summer came.
Little did I know that Dan’s and my status was about to change.

Dan stood outside my office window with a sign I failed to see.
It simply asked, “Kamala Gretchen Hirsch, will you marry me?”

My coworkers showed me the sign and I bet you can guess,
After dating for five years the answer was (finally!) “Yes!”

We went boating with friends on Charlotte’s Lake Norman a lot.
It’s also where we got to use that WaveRunner we bought.

Dan purchased the Ducati he’s always wanted.
Even after a motorcycle accident, his love of riding is undaunted.

I insisted until after we wed the riding must come to a halt.
For the record, Dan wants you to know it was soley the other guy’s fault.

Dan is mostly healed up after going under the knife.
Thank God for pads and helmets, they certainly saved his life.

“How can you two afford these vehicles and such?”
All the items were used. My raise wasn’t for that much.

After a year guiding the Jobies, it was time to pass the gavel.
I love helping those girls, but it was time for me to travel.

Dan wanted to search for Bigfoot so I picked a vacation of my own.
The planner I am, I went on my trip. Dan never left the Eastern Time Zone.

First stop was Munich where I can surely attest,
The biggest party on Earth is known as Oktoberfest.

Then it was off to Egypt, the most amazing place, methinks.
Pyramids, feluccas, camels, Pharaohs’ tombs and the Great Sphinx.

The temples and museums were amazing to roam,
But alas, my trip ended, it was time to come home.

Back in Virginia I had a wedding to plan.
It’ll be worth all the work, since I get to marry Dan.

I’ve taken some shortcuts by choosing a ship as our venue.
The Odyssey takes care of the cake, the band, and the menu.

Every so often Dan asks, “Love, can’t we just elope?”
‘Cause I want everyone there, I’m afraid the answer is “Nope.”

It’s already December (though it’s nearly 60 outside).
This year has flown by, and it’s been a heck of a ride.

So to wrap up this poem, including our roommate Stefan,
We wish you Happy Holidays and hope to see you in ’07!

Dan, myself, Mikki and Peter in Boulder, Colorado (not pictured but present: Lecia)

My pretty, new (to me) Mercedes convertible

Dan’s proposal

Myself and Dan at Lake Norman

Yes, we took this picture fully clothed, at night, with the WaveRunner on its trailer

Prost! Myself and Christi at Oktoberfest

Riding a camel like an Egyptian

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