Annual Poem 2019

Dear friends and family, Apologies for the annual poem being tardy, I was with the kids at a hotel New Year’s Eve party. 2019 was a year filled with plenty of change. But not writing a poem about it would feel quite strange. The year started with our standard family unit: The…

Annual Poem 2018

Dear friends and family, This poem’s deadline is coming down to the wire, So much to discuss regarding this year prior. The year twenty-eighteen kicked off in our hometown. Dan and Emma left for a trip minutes post-countdown. Off in a flash to see the Northwest’s top goods: Seattle, the Oregon Coast…

Annual Poem 2017

Dear Friends and Family, Before we welcome twenty-one-eight, It’s time for our annual rhyming update. As 2017 was arriving, We kicked it off with some indoor skydiving. Winter is a great time for sightseeing! We took our guests for some amazing skiing. Winter is also a great time for a dare: Brinton…

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Annual Poem 2016

  Dear family and friends, With a rhyming dictionary and a steady flow of caffeine, It is time to review and say goodbye to 2016! In January, amid loved ones, and with zero aplomb, We celebrated the life and passing of my bonus mom. After looking for months for a dog—we’re quite…

Annual Poem 2015

Dear Family and Friends, As the year 2015 winds down to an end, It’s time we share our year with those on which we depend. January began with a trainer who helped advise, It took lots of work and strength but I went down a dress size! Despite this, I continued the…

Annual Poem 2014

Dear friends and family, As is the tradition—now ten years’ time— It’s time to review our year in a clever little rhyme. The year was full of trips, visits, and too many school breaks, And—this is no exaggeration—at least a thousand cupcakes. I started a local movie night, the first cupcakes looked…

Annual Poem 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
Again this poem is late,
Hard to find time and still make the kids’ Christmas great.

As some suggest, thirteen can be unlucky.
Our ’13—compared with other years—was kinda yucky.

We had times ranging from difficult to sweet.
But to be honest, I’m glad the year is complete.

Our year began with new roommates: Chad, Kally, Clarice.
Chad is Dan’s brother; Clarice: Chad’s wife; Kally: our niece. Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2012

Dear loved ones,

Once again, my annual poem is a little bit tardy.
Meanwhile, I hope you were busy with your New Year’s Eve party.

Our last poem wrapped with news we were expecting a baby.
So our adventures were limited. Shorter poem? Maybe.

January was bachelor(/ette) month for our local friends.
Dan went to Key West (again!), which he clearly recommends.

I went to Miami and the Bahamas for a short cruise.
I had lots of fun on the trip, but without all the booze. Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2010

Dear friends and family,

As I sit down to write the (sixth!) annual poem again,
I’m proud that I’m writing it while it is still 2010.

We were in Wyoming with extended family for New Year’s—
I hope as I go through the months, I don’t bore you to tears.

February was filled with plenty of snow, cabin fever, and ice.
Amazingly, the region was hit with a blizzard not once, but TWICE! Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2009

Dear friends and family,

I know I’m extra late this year, the time has been difficult to surmount.
We went out of town for the holidays, so these past two weeks don’t count.

Once again with our poem, for the year’s events, I’ll start at the top:
Being pregnant and sleepy, I was barely awake to see the ball drop.

Dan started working for a new company. The job makes him content,
I don’t know much of what he does, but he built software for the President. Continue Reading