Annual Poem 2008

Dear friends and family,

Please forgive this card for being late,
The year has flown by, we are about to say bye to ’08.

Our year started off quieter than past years might suggest,
Watching the countdown on TV with host Ryan Seacrest.

Most people resolve to exercise in the new year, no doubt.
But in ’08, Dan’s and my passports got quite the work out. Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s December already. I better sit down and write this rhyme.
After all, Christmas is next week and I’m running out of time.

As is customary with the usual holiday letter,
We’re doing well, and hope you’re even better.

We went to Ocean City to celebrate the new year
With friends, family, dancing (and too much beer). Continue Reading

Holiday Celebration

One thing that I have done nearly every year is create a corporate holiday card for my employer. Corporate holiday cards have to be festive, but inclusive, so Christmas trees, red and green, and menorahs are out. Winterscapes, snowmen, and metalics are in. For CGH’s annual holiday season, I created a complete brand, including invitations, inclusive artwork, and original fun poems. Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2006

Dear family and friends,

As the Christmas lights go up and the holidays draw near,
I struggle to write this card. Can I top the one from last year?

Two-thousand six started out on New Years (like all the rest).
I chaperoned teens in NoVa. Dan celebrated in Key West.

The lack of work at my job was pretty hard to ignore.
No surprise when I had to find a new company to work for. Continue Reading

Annual Poem 2005

Dear Friends and Family,
We hope life treated you well in ’05.
We’re sorry it took so long
for our Christmas card to arrive.

We’ve been busy this year
As have you, I believe.
We started out in Times Square
On New Year’s Eve.

With three girlfriends in tow,
I went to Europe to explore.
Two weeks, eight countries,
Fun and adventures galore. Continue Reading

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