Annual Poem 2017

Dear Friends and Family, Before we welcome twenty-one-eight, It’s time for our annual rhyming update. As 2017 was arriving, We kicked it off with some indoor skydiving. Winter is a great time for sightseeing! We took our guests for some amazing skiing. Winter is also a great time for a dare: Brinton…

Cupcakes and Other Treats

In 2013, I recognized a need in my neighborhood for more frequent family events. Our neighborhood is about half retired couples, and half families, but it was clear that only the retired couples were being catered to. Mostly because it is retired folks who have the time to dedicate to such activities….

By-hand Artwork

While there are are several graphic artists and designers that do all their work on the computer, I have a background in fine art. Here are several samples of my artwork in pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, charcoal/pastels, etching, and tempera paint. Click on each image to see a larger version. Origami Crane…

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