Annual Poem 2014

Dear friends and family,
As is the tradition—now ten years’ time
It’s time to review our year in a clever little rhyme.

The year was full of trips, visits, and too many school breaks,
And—this is no exaggeration—at least a thousand cupcakes.

I started a local movie night, the first cupcakes looked like minions,
Then Dan was off to work in New York, and I went to help family—the Virginians.

Such trips with kids aren’t possible. To leave them home is very scary.
They were in good hands though, thanks to Dan’s parents, Terry and Sherry.

Per a top medical program here, Sherry’s parents came to visit soon after.
The weeks were spent telling stories, Kermit cupcakes, and plenty of laughter.

Dan’s brother Randy and his family came to visit during Spring Break.
The kids had loads of fun playing, and Nelly helped me to bake!

The movie at the time was one all the kids had chosen.
Perhaps you have heard of it, a little musical called Frozen?

In May when the snow cleared out, we practically lived in our backyard.
Dan bought a new infrared grill and discovered that grilling isn’t so hard.

Once the school year was over, and Brinton was a preschool grad,
It was time for a visit from Hans (my brother), his family, and our Dad.

Then we all headed up to visit more family—a trip we did not want to postpone—
In Wyoming where we went to rodeos in Cody, and rode horses in Yellowstone.

Back home we had a party to celebrate the U.S. turning old, and Garrett turning 2.
We had cupcakes and fireworks—both full of red, white, and blue.

The second half of the year was full of trips away from our house.
Every month meant that either Dan or I would be away from the kids and spouse.

The first trip was mine: To help Jobies in Spokane.
But I got home just in time as Brinton’s kindergarten year began.

Then I was off to San Jose to help Mikki with her new son.
We fit in some shopping, an ice bucket challenge, and other fun.

As autumn finally kicked in, for Brinton, a team sport was in the cards.
Her choice was soccer and she was the smallest girl in cleats and shin guards.

A 10-day Fall Break gave our family a chance to visit the Northwest:
Portland, the Pacific, the Space Needle, Redwoods, Arches, and no time to rest!

Of course October would not be complete without costumes inspired by a cartoon.
This year: Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope, Fix-it Felix, and Sgt. Calhoun.

In November, my assistance was needed to help with a family move.
It was difficult but necessary, and my Dad’s and (step)mom’s lives have improved.

Dan’s trips were all due east: Mostly work trips to Washington, DC;
Atlantic City for Motley Crüe, and watch the Titans lose in Tennessee.

For Thanksgiving, we wanted to get away, and so went back to Cody.
Thanks to our Wyoming family and especially my cousin Jodie!

December meant another trip for Dan, back to New York City.
Winter surrounded by skyscrapers—despite the movies, it’s not pretty.

We concluded the year, relaxed and snuggled in our own home.
If this year is an indicator, next year we’ll definitely roam.

In case we don’t quite make it to your neck of the wood’,
You have an open invitation to come check out our neighborhood.

For your visit, whether you stay a week, or just pass through,
You’re always welcome. We’ll have a bed and cupcake waiting for you!

We wish you a healthy New Year for 2015 and thereafter,
Love, Kamala, Dan, Brinton, Garrett, Sherry, Terry, and Caspar.



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