Annual Poem 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s December already. I better sit down and write this rhyme.
After all, Christmas is next week and I’m running out of time.

As is customary with the usual holiday letter,
We’re doing well, and hope you’re even better.

We went to Ocean City to celebrate the new year
With friends, family, dancing (and too much beer).

January was very busy but lots of fun for Dan.
Better job, trip to Vegas, all in a short time span.

In March I went to Vegas, there were eight girls in all.
My bachelorette party was great, we had an Absolut ball!

In April we went to Florida for a wedding on Siesta Key,
It was a great chance to visit with friends and family.

Down in Key West, Dan celebrated with eleven guys
Over a long weekend his bachelorhood’s demise.

June was filled with to-dos, fittings, and showers,
All leading up to a day that we would call ours.

Seven-seven-oh-seven, what a way to start our new life!
Everything was perfect and we were finally husband and wife.

We spent our honeymoon in a paradise we couldn’t resist.
Besides, Hawaii was the 50th state for Dan to cross off his “to-see” list.

At thirty-some miles, coast to coast on Oahu isn’t that far
Yet we managed to put a thousand miles on our rental car.

We also swam with dolphins, sea turtles, and sea lions.
The locals can do that every day, those lucky Hawaiians!

Returning home I had lots of changes to be sure,
Including a new job, new commute and a new signature.

In the fall we overhauled our patio, deck, bedroom and attic.
Thanks to Dan’s brother’s help the improvements are dramatic.

I challenged my sewing skills with Halloween costumes so complex.
We won “Best Couple Costume” thanks to Heelys© and spandex.

I hope your year was filled with many memorable events,
But I need to finish up, I still have to wrap some presents.

So, Happy Holidays to you, it’s time to celebrate.
Take care and enjoy, we’ll see you in ’08!

I hope this card could in some way provoke
Smiles and love,
Kamala (and Daniel) Vander Kolk


Photo captions

  1. Our wedding day (7/7/07), Washington Monument in the background.
  2. Dan’s Bachelor Party in Key West, Florida (at the contiguous US’s southern most point.
  3. Ringing in 2007 with Becca and Stefan.
  4. Enjoying a beautiful sunset in Hawaii.
  5. Our award-winning costumes (Fire & Ice) from the movie Blades of Glory.
  6. Golfing with Hurley on a Lost tour in Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii.
  7. Kamala’s Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas (inside a vodka freezer).
  8. Our wedding portrait with EVERYONE!

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