Annual Poem 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
As the year 2015 winds down to an end,
It’s time we share our year with those on which we depend.

January began with a trainer who helped advise,
It took lots of work and strength but I went down a dress size!

Despite this, I continued the monthly movie nights,
With popcorn and Pinterest #nailedit decadent delights!

It’s hard to describe this vehicle, this thing Dan bought,
It’s red, has three wheels, and’s called a Polaris Slingshot.

He’s put 20,000 miles on it this year so far.
He’s driven from coast to coast—he really loves that “car.”

In February my brother and his girls came to visit.
It’s a great time to share that Colorado is exquisite.

The trip also was a great chance to seize,
I finally got Brinton up on two skis.

We spent spring break in Virginia catching up with old friends,
Though we never get to see all, as our travel plan intends.

Garrett, our sweet but quiet boy, was hard to reach,
We knew something was up due to his minimal speech.

After several tests and hopeful skeptism,
He was diagnosed with ASD, or autism.

He now receives help and therapy for all needs required,
Making strides as we learn how his brain is differently wired.

I spent lots of time with the Jobies of Denver,
As their Guardian from April till September.

Trips with them remind me of my own Jobie years long ago:
Lots of trips: to the mountains, the Springs, and even Chicago.

We spent time improving the in- and outside of our house,
I did the painting but left most yard improvements to the spouse.

The kids and I were gone all summer—practically nomads.
Boating in NC, climbing canyons and arches in Moab.

After the seemingly summer-long escapade,
Garrett began specialized preschool, Brinton first grade.

Even with school, trips were one thing we didn’t shed.
We went to Michigan to see Brinton’s nanny wed.

Brinton played soccer for the spring and fall seasons.
She wants to try it all, but we’re keeping her schedule in reason.

Halloween is what our October is all about.
With friends, we were the entire cast of Inside Out.

Our Thanksgiving was one we could certainly not forecast.
I raced to Virginia to be with my (step)mom as she passed.

Dan and the kids came on Black Friday to help my dad through.
It’s tough though, she was one of the best women we all knew.

With such short days, we spent nearly all of December indoors,
There were exceptions for shopping, snow days, and of course Star Wars.

So that’s it for us, our year’s challenges and perks.
I hope yours was great, but know it isn’t always how life works.

So drop us a line, or come visit for a bit,
We’d love to have you, should your schedule permit.

Happy New Year, with love from your Rox, Colorado folk,
Kamala, Daniel, Brinton, and Garrett Vander Kolk


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