Annual Poem 2005

Dear Friends and Family,
We hope life treated you well in ’05.
We’re sorry it took so long
for our Christmas card to arrive.

We’ve been busy this year
As have you, I believe.
We started out in Times Square
On New Year’s Eve.

With three girlfriends in tow,
I went to Europe to explore.
Two weeks, eight countries,
Fun and adventures galore.

Dan moved back to Virginia
from the rainy West Coast.
Though he still loves Seattle,
he loves me the most.

I know what you’re thinking,
“Kamala, that’s a lame rhyme.”
How about this? “Dan’s back
and it’s about damn time!”

After training for months,
Dan went to Dallas to compete
in a Counterstrike Tournament
amongst the world’s elite..

Dan started a new job
About halfway through the year.
He really enjoys the people
and challenges in his new career.

My favorite holiday came and went
(by the way, it’s Halloween).
I made five costumes altogether,
only two required a sewing machine.

We remodeled our kitchen,
the old one had to go.
We lived on take-out food for weeks—
Well, months if you must know.

Although I love the end result,
I feel I must disclose:
Who knew we’d spend so much time
and money at the nearby Lowe’s?

It’s already December,
2005 is winding down.
Happy Holidays to all.
We hope to see you around!

So in conclusion,
Drop us a line when you can.
Much love and take care,
Kamala and Dan

P.S. You’re probably wondering
about the pictures included.
Those are the Halloween costumes
to which I earlier alluded.


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