Annual Poem 2010

Dear friends and family,

As I sit down to write the (sixth!) annual poem again,
I’m proud that I’m writing it while it is still 2010.

We were in Wyoming with extended family for New Year’s—
I hope as I go through the months, I don’t bore you to tears.

February was filled with plenty of snow, cabin fever, and ice.
Amazingly, the region was hit with a blizzard not once, but TWICE!

As a contractor, after promises for a Federal job never bore fruit,
I found myself becoming a private firm’s graphic artist recruit.

I was sad to say goodbye to so many people I’d grown to know
But geez, after twelve months, I’d say the Fed’s hiring process is too slow.

I always participate in (and lose) the March Madness office pool.
FINALLY I won the pot, thanks Duke!—my pick and my dad’s school.

Dan declared his riding days gone, and sold the last of his motorcycle entourage,
Though we still have that jet ski sitting (gathering dust) in Dan’s sister’s garage.

In April Brinton turned one. She grows more capable each day.
She’s singing, jumping, and will tell you what each animal can say.

The girl (and her hair!) has grown quite a bit. If you want to take a look,
There are plenty of pictures in albums on my Facebook.

Brinton’s (and thus our) calendar was filled with lots of bids
To celebrate first birthdays for our many friends’ kids.

Our wonderful nanny Amanda decided to leave, despite our attempts to beg and coax,
We couldn’t give her what she needed: her Michigan hometown of Three Oaks.

Ashley came back to live with us when her semester was over, to be Brin’s nanny.
We have been really blessed with childcare providers whose skills are uncanny.

In June—I don’t think I could make this up if I wanted to try—
Brinton injured me with a fabric book, scratching my eye.

We spent early July in Wyoming, with way more to do:
Rodeos, Yellowstone, Jackson, and countless wildlife to view.

Dan didn’t have nearly as much fun, since he kept getting sick.
Two bouts of food poisoning—quite a way to bookend a trip.

Considering how enthusiastic she is about the water,
We found a Water Babies swim class for our daughter.

In August with dear friends—thanks to familial support—
We had a baby-free getaway at the Bahamas’ Atlantis resort.

We had a great time there, especially at Dolphin Cay
Where we got to be dolphin and sea lion Trainers For A Day™.

In September I went to a friend’s bachelorette lark
To Orlando and the new Harry Potter theme park.

The fall was filled with more friends’ wedding dates,
We celebrated their love in several east coast states.

On Halloween, like always, we skipped the ghosts, goblins, and horror,
And dressed as the cast of Brinton’s foremost show, “Dora the Explorer.”

It was a blast since Brinton was old enough for real trick-or-treating,
For us, the family-group-costume tradition certainly bears repeating.

Dan went to conferences in New Orleans and L.A.,
He had quite the popular touch-screen software display.

So now it’s December, and we’ve been on the move the entire month long,
(for parties in Denver, Duke, and DC) but I must now run along.

Our year’s been mostly good (and maybe a little bit tough),
But I think I’ve rhymed and rambled enough.

I’ve got tons of baking to do before Christmas Eve,
The day snuck up on me, it’s hard to believe.

We wish you love and happiness for the next year therein,
Much love,
Kamala, Daniel, and of course, Brin

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