Annual Poem 2012

Dear loved ones,

Once again, my annual poem is a little bit tardy.
Meanwhile, I hope you were busy with your New Year’s Eve party.

Our last poem wrapped with news we were expecting a baby.
So our adventures were limited. Shorter poem? Maybe.

January was bachelor(/ette) month for our local friends.
Dan went to Key West (again!), which he clearly recommends.

I went to Miami and the Bahamas for a short cruise.
I had lots of fun on the trip, but without all the booze.

Then it was time for the wedding. Too much to share, I must abridge.
Dan was Best Man, Brinton the flower girl, in beautiful Breckenridge.

We celebrated Brinton’s third birthday.  It’s true what they say:
Cherish your kid and time, they both seem eager to slip away.

Our family babymoon was to Colorado’s southwest terrain:
Mesa Verde, the Four Corners, and the historic Durango train.

July fifth we were blessed with Garrett, eight-six, 20.5 inches, a snuggly prize.
Identical birth stats and looks to Brinton, our babies only come in one size.

The summer was filled with visitors, their durations were both long and short.
We’re always happy to host, so come out for business or sport.

Thanks to a twist of fate, we discovered our perfect neighborhood.
Red rocks, golf course, state park. Save this address, we’ll be here for good.

So we are all settled into our wonderful, permanent home,
surrounded by great neighbors and dozens of deer that roam.

In October we were off to Florida (which for others with infants can be a hassle)
We visited family, Brin was a Flower Girl, and she saw Disney’s Princess Castle.

October means our house was wrecked with costume stuff–mostly homemade.
This year our Halloween costumes revolved around Brinton’s favorite mermaid.

Dan’s brother, his wife, and daughter came to visit for Thanksgiving Day.
They love Colorado so much, they have decided to stay.

A final trip to Virginia was filled with holiday cheer.
All in all, it’s been a pretty great year.

So now here it is the first day of 2013.
I hope at some point we’ll manage to convene.

In conclusion, Happy Holidays (not to sound like a parrot)!
Love, Kamala, Dan, Brinton, and Garrett.

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