Job’s Daughters International Branding Campaign

Job’s Daughters International, after a number of years of stagnant or even declining membership, in 2010 established a Long Range Planning committee to ensure the organization’s long-term success. The committee decided that one of the first things it needed to do was create a brand-new brand to get people excited about Job’s Daughters. After the original graphic artist involved in the project left (shortly after her submitted designs had been embraced), I was brought on board to ensure the new brand’s successful roll-out across numerous media and jurisdictions, and expand upon the original idea into formats not yet considered, including yearbooks, pamphlets, one-pagers, promotional tablecloths and banners. Several samples are shown in the slideshow above.

Here are links for the one-pagers, which were designed so that even a chapter with minimal financial means could print out informational handouts with their information included (in a fillable PDF) to educate one of six target audiences:





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