Annual Poem 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
Again this poem is late,
Hard to find time and still make the kids’ Christmas great.

As some suggest, thirteen can be unlucky.
Our ’13—compared with other years—was kinda yucky.

We had times ranging from difficult to sweet.
But to be honest, I’m glad the year is complete.

Our year began with new roommates: Chad, Kally, Clarice.
Chad is Dan’s brother; Clarice: Chad’s wife; Kally: our niece.

I love my kids but was ready to go back to work full-time.
A job outside the home and raising kids, for me, is sublime.

Childcare is costly for two kids—and with Kally, three.
We invited Dan’s parents to help (grand)parent, and they agreed.

Sherry and Terry arrived, ready to deal with the kids’ whining,
Ten days in, Dan lost his job. How’s that for crappy timing?

Job applications, test projects, updated résumés,
Dan and I both interviewed lots, always ready to amaze.

Finally, after months of looking—it was now mid-May,
We both got great job offers on the very same day!

So grateful for the timing, what a non-bummer!
Chad’s three boys were coming to stay with us for the summer.

With twelve people I admit there was no privacy to be had,
But at least the food in the refrigerator never went bad!

Dan’s new job allowed him to telecommute from home,
Or anywhere with internet, should he/we decide to roam.

My job meant putting on nice clothes and working with adults.
New clothes, great colleagues, a paycheck: I like these results!

Just three months into my new job, I was thrown a curve (foul?) ball:
I (and most of my team) was laid off. Should’ve seen the writing on the wall.

In August, Brinton, now 4, started preschool at last.
She’s learning so much and clearly having a blast!

In class, at play, and at home, Brinton is so chatty!
It’s always relevant, but she can drive me batty!

By September my sanity finally demanded some space,
So we helped Chad and Clarice find their own place.

With more free time and weird skills to achieve,
I made five costumes for All Hallows’ Eve.

It was Incredible, who knows what we’ll do next.
But chances are, it will likely involve Dan in spandex.

Garrett’s now nearly eighteen months old—not so small,
He loves the remote, watching sports, and every type of ball.

A first, we spent the holiday season in our own dwelling,
We miss you all, but staying home for Christmas was compelling.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our modest holiday letter.
Let’s hope 2014 is (for all of us!) so much better.

Much love, and may your entire year be merry,
Kamala, Dan, Brinton, Garrett, Sherry and Terry

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