Colorado Job’s Daughters Yearbook

To continue the new branding campaign of Job’s Daughters International, Colorado’s jurisdiction (or Grand Guardian Council as it’s called) asked me to create a yearbook to commemorate their 2011–2012 term. Continue Reading

Wedding Guestbooks

After creating a custom guestbook for my own wedding, I have been inspired to create numerous custom wedding guestbooks for others. I use photos they provide, and try to create a special book that they will treasure for many years to come. Rachel and Luke’s wedding was scheduled for the peak of the cherry blossoms blooming in Washington, D.C. I used a branch of cherry blossoms that blooms as the pages progress as a metaphor of their blooming love, combined with their engagement photos (taken by Erin Lassahn), which were taken in and around D.C., in locations that had special meaning to the couple. Continue Reading

Wedding Branding, etc.

Invitations, save-the-dates, a wedding website, programs, a guestbook, a wedding album… this is kind of stuff a graphic designer loves to do. It’s even more satisfying when the client is yourself.

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