Bates White Website

bw_spotlightAs mentioned in another post, Bates White adopted a new branding identity shortly before I began working for them. Part of the identity upgrade was a brand new custom website using a content management system (Point & Clique). The developers of Point & Clique were also responsible for the design. Having a fair amount of expertise in website design and management, I recommended certain naming conventions and created easy-to-follow training guides for the marketing team that was going to populate the new website with all existing content, as well as maintain it going forward. Continue Reading

Bates White New Branding and Templates

I began working for Bates White Economic Consulting firm shortly after they decided it was time for a new brand and identity. This included a new logo, new website, new business cards, new corporate templates (primarily in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), just to name a few.

It was my job to take the new logo and brand and create or update countless files, and in many cases expand upon the determined brand identity. For example, the new brand’s color scheme only had 6 colors. With the type of economic work the firm does (lots of charts and other visual graphics), it was necessary to expand the color scheme to accommodate up to 15 colors that were easily distinguishable from each other, both on screen, and in print (in both color and black and white). Continue Reading

Ft. Sill Field Artillery School

As a Northrop Grumman Technical Services employee , I worked with a team of talented 3D graphics artists to create interactive training courses for soldiers to prepare them for deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. The 3D graphic artists built vehicles, aircraft, and environments, while I, as the Flash expert, animated all computer screens, and incorporated all elements into complete Flash files. This animation teaches the soldier how to navigate the vehicle’s computer system to arm and fire a missile.

3D Modeling and Animation

At Northrop Grumman I worked with an amazing team of graphic artists. They could build 3D models out of anything while I worked on the design and Flash side of projects. I did find some time to make a few 3D objects myself, and animate them.

Using 3D Studio Max, I created a chess board and chess pieces, and animated a complete game. If you ever play chess and find your opponent doing what the black pieces do in their opening two moves, take advantage of these “Fool’s Chess” moves, and declare Check Mate in a total of four moves.


At IDSI I created numerous Flash animations that enhanced the learning experience for the students taking the courses.

This interactive animation shows how to fill in a common log correctly. Roll over the blue text to see which information goes in which column. Click on thie blue text to see sample information entered.

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This interactive animation shows how to chart a ship’s projected path on a maneuvering board, or MOBOARD. Click on each step to see the MOBOARD filled in.

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FAA Career Path Guide

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hired IDSI to develop a career path guide for its management-bound employees. As the Graphic Lead, I oversaw the production of the manual from start to finish:

  • I created the manual’s design concept and necessary graphics.
  • I used desktop publishing software (Microsoft Publisher) to lay out the 182-page manual and insert all copy and images.
  • I edited the copy for readability, spelling and grammar.

To see the complete report, click here.