Bates White Website

As mentioned in another post, Bates White adopted a new branding identity shortly before I began working for them. Part of the identity upgrade was a brand new custom website using a content management system (Point & Clique). The developers of Point & Clique were also responsible for the design. Having a fair…

Bates White New Branding and Templates

New branding, new software, new employees. Time for some new templates and training!

Corporate Portrait Photos

Bates White Economic Consulting from time to time has needed professional informal photos taken of its employees, either for internal communications or its website. Rather than outsource the job to a professional photographer every time we needed a headshot, I would take the necessary photos with my camera, color-correct them, and then…

Horizontal Merger Guidelines Booklet and eBook

Who would expect a dry Department of Justice document could turn into a beautiful and high-tech promotional item?