JDI Brochure for the Current Generation

JDI needed a new brochure. From start to finish, I knocked this project out of the park.

Dynamic Print Ads

When advertising for a national company, it is imperative to be efficient, especially when creating a single ad that will be used in multiple markets and newspapers, with a different point of contact for each.

Stik Pocket Promotional Fundraiser

How do you launch a new brand to teenage girls, earn money, and then get them to promote the brand to their friends daily? Stik Pockets, of course!

Job’s Daughters International of Virginia Website

An organization can move at a glacial pace with regard to technology if it must rely on volunteers with limited knowledge and technical skills. Enter Kamala, to help move everyone into the Age of Information.

USITC Investigation Cover forms

They don’t have the right software, but can you fix it so the authors can create their own covers using our Photoshop templates? No problem!

USITC Year in Review 2008

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) publishes an annual report, the Year in Review to report on all happenings at the Commission throughout the year. Using Adobe InDesign, coupled with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, I composed the 2008 Year in Review (published in September 2009). Tasks included designing a cover…